Elijah S. Yearwood is a New York-Based Digital Artist and his work ranges from doing art of iconic figures to the most beautiful creatures on this planet. You’ll often see his work having sudden elements of nature such as flowers or by having a blue angelic sky as the background. The floral elements are added to make the art portraits more visually abstract. The backgrounds chosen by the artist are high-quality photos that add a little more story to the artwork such as location or state of emotion. The compositions and visual motifs are inspired by each icon’s upbringing, influences, or the emotions that they evoke from their performances. Some pieces may have wording that closely relates to the subject of the portrait to add more personality to the artwork. 

This relationship between humans, animals, and nature has always been an inspiration to Elijah and his art responds to these phenomena. Celebrities are real people with emotions, insecurities, and dreams - but they are also idols of secular worship and adoration. That point is made every time someone displays one of Elijah’s works in their home. Animals are symbolic of many beliefs and meanings. Each animal may represent something different from person to person. Elijah keeps that in mind and tries to create a work that brings that meaning to life for the people who are interested in his animal artworks. 

There is also the question of intellectual property and copyright that is flirted within Elijah’s work because of the direct clash between an artist’s freedom of expression and a celebrity's right to publicity. The motifs consequently are also a shield to protect Elijah’s artistic efforts, but their delicacy alludes to the power struggle between independent creators like himself and large corporate media entities. The question can then be asked to what degree does one resonate more with  - who the art is of or Elijah’s artistic interpretation of said figure?

Finally, Elijah uses both glowing elements and colorful elements in his work to create some uniqueness in his creations. As new pieces get created by Elijah, his artistic abilities will expand and his knowledge of humans, animals, and nurture will expand along with that too.